Pash Reference List:
Coarfa C, Yu F, Miller CA, Chen Z, Harris RA, Milosavljevic A. Pash 3.0: A versatile software package for read mapping and integrative analysis of genomic and epigenomic variation using massively parallel DNA sequencing. BMC Bioinformatics. 2010 Nov 23;11:572. (PMID: 21092284)

Coarfa, C. and Milosavljevic,A (2008). Pash 2.0: Scaleable Sequence Anchoring for Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies. Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 13:102-113

Kalafus KJ, Jackson AR, and Milosavljevic A (2004). Pash: Efficient Genome-Scale Sequence Anchoring by Positional Hashing. Genome Research 14: 672-678

New Pash Release

A new version of Pash was released ! Several new features are available:

  • Multidiagonal collation of kmers, for accurate anchoring across indels
  • Postprocessing of read mappings, with an optional, user-directed alignment step
  • Speed improvements up to a factor of 3 over Pash 1.2 due to more efficient collation algorithms and more effective hashing and inversion of matching kmers

Obtaining Pash

For information on obtaining the Pash source code and support tools, please refer to the license and download page.